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A Control sysem is a set of mechanical or electronic devices that regulates other devices or systems by way of control loops.  Typically, control systems are computerized.  Control systems are a central part of industry and of automation


The definition of HVAC control systems can range depending on whether it is applied to a very basic residential application or potentially to an extremely complex large-scale application, but in short, HVAC controls consist of devices that control the operations of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning equipment.

When it comes to applying HVAC control systems to larger facilities, the HVAC controls are sometimes a part of a larger system known as a building automation or energy management system.


In large facilities, mechanical systems are often very complex and need to work efficiently in order to be effective and not waste energy. The equipment controlled by building automation systems (BAS) frequently includes that of HVAC, lighting, fire alarm, and access/security systems.

Having these consolidated under one software platform can be advantageous when trying to build sequences of operations to make a building “smart”, however, some building operators view this as a risk having “all their eggs in one basket”.


A device that is connected to the network infrastructure and provides a means for monitoring and/or controlling end devices.